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2nd chance rentals Atlanta

2nd Chance & 'Flexible' Requirements Apartments

Having Trouble Finding An Apartment That Will Approve You?

Finding an apartment with issues like poor credit, previous evictions, and bankruptcies, etc., can be a difficult task. Potential renters with these types of problems will require more legwork, research, money, and time to find a place. Our list will help with these issues.


Although we have helped 1000's of people over the last 11+ years since we started this non-profit service, unfortunately, we can't help everybody. Please read all the information to see if we can help. We also have an inquiry page where you can ask us questions along with information that tells you who will benefit the most.

Featured Apartments On The List

Below are a few examples of the 200+ properties on our second chance & flexible apartment list

The Clarion.jpg


➢No credit score minimum

➢No evictions/rental debt for 6 yrs

➢Rental & utility debts must be paid

➢BKs must be discharged & 6 yrs old

➢No Felonies. Misdemeanors ok

Avalon Ridge.jpg


No credit score minimum. No recent late pays

➢No evictions/rental debt for 5 yrs

➢BKs must be discharged & 5 yrs old

➢No Felonies or misdemeanors

➢Utility debts must be paid off

Embarcadero Club.jpg


➢Credit score minimum, 550

➢No evictions/rental debt for 3 yrs

➢BKs must be discharged & 3 yrs old

➢No Felonies in 7 yrs. Some convictions not ok

➢Misdemeanors ok. No fraud convictions


We have taken the guesswork and difficulty out of finding 2nd chance & 'flexible' apartments. Our staff has done all of the exhaustive and time-consuming legwork for you. We have personally called each property to find out the rental requirements of each apartment community on our list. We also update our list on a regular basis.

moving boxes.jpg

Our 2nd Chance & 'Flexible' Apartment List Has Over 200+ Communities!

Only $39.95

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$10.00 Off
Get The List Now For Only


The fee is to offset some of the expenses we incur to pay the people who make the calls. It doesn't cover it all, but it helps some. Our eventual goal is to have a FREE online database. We aren't there quite yet, but we are working on it. Thanks for helping us help you and others who need housing and a fresh start.

To Order Our Second Chance & 'Flexible' Apartment List, Click Here

Got Questions? We Got Answers!

NOTE: Please read all the information about our list first, before contacting us. The most common questions we get calls & emails about are already answered here on our website. If you want to know if the list will be helpful, use the contact link below.

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