What 2nd Chance Means

Second Chance Rentals

second chance apartments

Originally, second chance rentals typically referred to apartments and landlords who allowed people with previous rent related issues to lease their property. Over time, second chance started including other situations that are not just rent related.


There are also apartment communities and landlords who offer more flexible renting requirements, although they are not considered second chance rental properties.


Our second chance property list provides information on second chance and flexible rental requirement apartment communities.


Apartment communities and landlords that offer second chance leasing or more flexible rental requirements are willing to take the risk of renting to people with certain situations, but it will cost you in the way of higher deposits and/or what they call risk fees depending on the circumstances.

Main Reasons For Needing A Second Chance Rental:

  • Evictions

  • A broken lease

  • Past unpaid rental debts

  • Bad rental history

  • Low credit scores – Poor Credit

  • Bankruptcies

  • Background Issues