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2nd Chance & 'Flexible'

second chance apartments

What Does 2nd Chance Mean?

Originally, 2nd chance typically referred to apartments and landlords who allowed people with previous evictions to be considered for a rental property. The term ‘2nd Chance’ isn’t used by most apartment communities anymore but the public still uses this term, and we use it for people to find our service on websites like Google, etc.

Although some apartments will advertise themselves as a 2nd chance community, MOST apartments do not consider themselves a 2nd chance community nor do they like the term for various reasons.

Whether a community considers themselves a 2nd chance or not, their rental requirements are the ONLY thing that matters.

If a community accepts past evictions, we categorize them as second chance since that was the original meaning of the term as it relates to renting a property.


What Does 'Flex' (Flexible) Mean?

'Flex' (flexible) is a term we came up with to describe communities with flexible rental requirements. Flexible rentals don’t usually accept previous evictions, but they may accept one or more of various situations related to credit scores, bankruptcies, etc., that other apartment communities will not normally accept.


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-Tips Before Applying For An Apartment

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Our 2nd Chance & 'Flexible' Apartment List Has Over 200+ Communities!

(The List Has Apartments Mainly In Dekalb & Fulton Counties. Plus Some In Clayton, Gwinnett, Rockdale & Cobb.)

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