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Who Can't Benefit From The List

Not everyone can benefit from the list. Based on the communities and their requirements, we have compiled a brief list of situations that won't benefit from the list and/or will have limited choices. It's impossible to list every situation that someone may have. Some people have one or more combined situations in addition to other factors affecting their ability to get approved. If you are unsure if the list can be helpful to you, please fill our inquiry form here and we will tell you what we think. Please DO NOT order the list if you are unsure, ask us first!

Who Benefits The Most:

  • Low Credit Scores - People with low credit scores, but no recent delinquencies will benefit the most from our list.


The List Will Not Benefit Those With The Following Situations:

  • Evictions - Evictions that are open/still pending and haven't been resolved/closed

  • Bankruptcies - Bankruptcies that are open, pending and/or haven't been discharged

  • Backgrounds - Open or recent criminal felony and misdemeanor cases - (Drugs and crimes against property & persons are usually not accepted)

  • Rental Debt - Unpaid rental debt that is on your credit report. (There are a few apartments on the list that accept unpaid rental debt, but it depends on the amount you owe and how old the rental debt is. And most don't want it to show on your credit report.)

Limited Apartment Choices On The List:

There are apartments on the list for the situations listed below, but it's just not as many.

  • Evictions - Recent evictions less than 3 years old

  • Backgrounds - Criminal backgrounds with felonies that are less than 7 years old. Misdemeanors usually have more flexible requirements. However, some communities will say, 'on a case by case basis'. (Also, drugs, crimes against property & persons are usually not accepted by most of the apartments on the list.)

  • Bankruptcies - Discharged bankruptcies less than 3 years old. (Most apartments will want the bankruptcy discharged instead of dismissed.)

  • Certain Credit Situations - Although many of the apartments will say no credit score minimum or all credit accepted, etc., they will still pull your credit report as a standard procedure which happens when you apply for any rental property. Even though your credit score may not be factor, some apartments will also want to see if the cause of your low credit score is due to recent delinquencies, collections and/or late pays on current accounts. In addition, some will look at the number of recent collections and/or the types of delinquencies. For example, if you have recent late pays on things like a car payment, and/or if you have 3 or more recent collections &/or delinquencies, it may be looked at unfavorably. Every apartment has a different set of requirements so when you call, it's best to ask before applying.

  • Broken Leases - This depends on various factors like the timeframe the lease was broken and other circumstances. Please fill out the form below to see if the list will help you with your specific situation.

Inquiry Form
(Will The List Help Me)

If you are still not sure if the list can benefit you, please fill out the inquiry form and we will let you know if we think the list can help you. Thank you for your interest!

Please Click Here To Fill Out The Inquiry Form

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