About The 2nd Chance Apartment List

What’s On The List

Second Chance Apartments Atlanta Metro

The list has 2nd chance apartment communities and 'flexible rental requirement' apartments in Dekalb, Clayton, and Fulton County. Plus, there are a few in Cobb and Rockdale. There are over 100+ apartments to choose from.


The List Includes The Following:

Apartment Contact Information
-Apartment Name
-Phone Number
-Website (If they have one)


Rental Requirements
-Credit Score Minimum
-Eviction Information
-Rental Debt
-Rental History
-Bankruptcy Information
-Criminal Backgrounds
-Income Needed

Other Information
We also include notes with more details where needed. For example, some apartments will have detailed information relating to their requirements such as, risk fees or higher deposits involved with certain situations. They will also tell you how they review their approval process, if they accept less income than the standard requirement and what’s needed, etc. Other apartments are more ‘cut and dry’ with no exceptions regarding their requirements. Most of the apartments do allow leeway for their requirements depending on your entire application instead of just one thing.

What’s Not On The List

Our list focus on the rental requirements needed to lease an apartment. We do not include the following information on our list:

-Rent Prices

-Available Units

This information changes often unlike rental requirements, therefore it would make our list inaccurate. You must call the apartment you are interested in to get the latest information on rent prices and what units are available for when you want to move in.