FAQs About The List

Is this a scam?

No. You can trust and depend on us to deliver exactly what we say! We are a licensed real estate agency governed by the state of Georgia. This simply means, we must adhere to state laws, in addition to ethic codes required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. We are not a ‘fly-by-night’ random company offering useless information like other unlicensed companies claiming to offer real estate related information and/or services. We have been in business for more than 16 years and we take our 2nd chance listing service profoundly serious!

Why did you create a 2nd chance apartment list?

As a real estate agency firm, we get calls on a routine basis from people with credit, evictions, bankruptcies, and background issues wanting to rent homes. Unfortunately, we are unable to help most people with these types of issues. When real estate agencies list a property for rent, we must set the rental requirements based on what the owner wants. Typically, when an owner hires a professional real estate agency firm instead of advertising it themselves, they are looking for renters with the best credentials. We wanted to address this issue so we could help more people. After giving it some thought, we decided to create a list of apartments that will accept people with these types of issues.

Do you rent out the apartments on the list?

No. We only provide the details of each apartment that is willing to give people a 2nd chance.

Does everyone with 2nd chance issues benefit from the list?
There are choices on the list for all situations. However, people with recent unpaid landlord debt, recent evictions, bankruptcies that aren’t discharged, and criminal backgrounds have a lesser number of options.  A number of apartments require these situations to be a certain number of years old. Anything under 2 years old will limit your options. To be sure the list can work for you, we typically look through the list to see the number of apartments you can select from based on your situation. To contact us and see if you can benefit from the list, click here.

Does the apartment list tell me what units are available and the prices?
No. You will have to call the apartments you are interested in to find out prices and availability. These are things that change too often, so it cannot be added to the list for that reason. You can also go to the apartment community’s website if they have one to find out these details. We do provide the websites for apartments who have one.



How accurate is the information on the list?
We make every effort to ensure the information on our 2nd chance list is correct. While the majority of the information is correct, sometimes the leasing agents at the same apartment community will tell you different rental requirement information. We typically call the same apartments multiple times due to this situation. We tell people if they are told something is incorrect on our list, ask to speak with the property manager.


What if I call an apartment and they say it's not a 2nd chance apartment?

2nd chance is a term that used to mean just accepting evictions but overtime, it has evolved. When we call apartments, we add a community to the list based their requirements and if they fit our criteria and definition of what a 2nd chance is. We do add communities that don't consider themselves a 2nd chance community because they have rentals requirements that allow situations in addition to evictions. We call these communities 'flex rent' which means they have flexible rental requirements.


Why do you charge a fee?

Like any product or service, we do charge a fee for our service. This is a time-consuming process and we must pay our workers who are making the calls because after all, they will not work for free and nor do we expect them to. The fee allows us to offer this much needed service.

Why should I pay for information that I can find on my own?

Information is power! People will pay for information depending on what the subject matter is. Information is purchased for various reasons, but it is mainly because people want to gain knowledge to help themselves. Or they want to save time, which is priceless. Time is the one thing in life that we cannot pay for or get back. 

Can you guarantee I will get an apartment?

We cannot guarantee you will get an apartment. We can assist you in determining if the list will be helpful to you by knowing what your situation is. We also do not guarantee availability of an apartment unit or if the pricing of an apartment is in your budget. As you know, there are a number of variables involved when searching for an apartment. For example, you may meet the rental requirements for an apartment on the list, but the rent may be too high. Or the rent price may be right, and the rental requirements fit your situation, but they may not have anything available for the time-frame you want to move, etc. If you need assistance or want to make sure the list will be helpful to you, call us or click here.

How often do you update your list?
We update the list 3 times a year and we just updated it in mid August. Many apartment communities are routinely sold and renamed; it is the nature of the apartment industry. Although the name and phone number may change, they typically still have the same requirements based on various factors like, the condition of the community, and the location, etc. But you may find a few apartments on the list that has changed ownership and therefore, the requirements may change too. However, you can still easily find the new contact information once you Google the name. We try our best to keep the list updated to avoid this issue, while at the same time work on adding more communities to the list. It is a big job to maintain the list and find more 2nd chance apartments. We apologize in advance if this happens.

Can you help find apartments for me?

We will be offering to assist with apartment hunting in the near future.

Do you have rental properties?

Yes. We manage over 40 properties. But our tenants rarely move. They like our management style and see no reason to move unless it is to buy a new home. But we do have vacancies sometimes and we try to get owners to relax their requirements so we can help more people obtain housing. 

What is a real estate agency firm?

A real estate agency firm is quite different from other non-licensed real estate companies. First of all, you have to be a licensed real estate agent for 5 years before you can even apply to become a real estate broker with the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Once you become a real estate broker, then you can apply to become a real estate brokerage agency firm. Some examples of well-known real estate agency firms are ReMax, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Redfin, etc…No matter how popular or small a real estate agency firm is, they are all governed by the same rules and laws. This is what separates a real estate agency firm from other real estate companies that are not licensed or regulated by the state of Georgia.

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