2nd Chance Inquiry Form

See if you can benefit from our list by simply telling us your situation and we will email you and let you know if the list can be helpful to you.

Please Note: This form is only for those with the following situations listed below. Keep in mind, there are apartments on the list for these situations, it's just not as many as other situations. However, if you still need to ask us about your situation first, you may fill out the form.

  • Recent evictions less than 3 years old

  • Unpaid landlord debt

  • Criminal backgrounds less than 7 years old


We need the following information for the above situation(s) that applies to you:

  • If you have an eviction, tell us how old it is, if you owe a debt, if it was resolved and didn't go to court or you won. (If you have a pending/open eviction, or multiple evictions, the list will not be helpful to you.)

  • If you owe previous landlord/rental debt, tell us how old the debt is, if it's on your credit, if you are making payments and the debt amount.

  • If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction, tell us how old it is and what the conviction was.

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