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The New House

Buying A Home

Buying a home is the epitome of the American Dream and it is also one of the most important decisions you may make. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you’re prepared for the quest so take the necessary time to do your homework.

The following is some helpful information about becoming a homeowner and more about our services for buyers.

Free Agent Representation

90% of all buyers purchase their home using a real estate agent. Purchasing a home may be the largest financial expenditure you make in your lifetime. For this reason, you may want assistance in navigating the real estate market and homebuying process. Hiring a real estate agent or broker can be a big help. To see how our buyer's service can help you, click here.

Understanding Mortgage Loans

Prior to house hunting, most buyers need to obtain a mortgage loan if they are not using cash to purchase a property. One of the most important aspects involved with getting a mortgage is for buyers to first educate themselves on the various mortgage options and down payment programs. We assist our clients with the entire loan process in addition to providing information about mortgage loans. To read more about mortgages, click here.

Home Buyer Financial Assistance Programs

There are a number of home buying programs available in Metro Atlanta through the federal government, state, county, and city. These programs assist buyers with down payment and closing cost fees. We try to help our clients find a program they qualify for. To read more, click here.

Search/View Properties For Sale

Most buyers search for homes online using non-MLS sites like Zillow. We suggest using the actual MLS to search for properties to avoid outdated listings and receive quick, personalized service. To search the MLS for properties for sale, click here.

New Construction Homes & Condos

It's hard to drive throughout the Atlanta Metro area without noticing all the construction going on. Atlanta is among the top housing markets in the nation so it’s no surprise there is a lot of housing being built. The population growth rate and relocation of many prominent corporations, industries and businesses have caused an influx of new residents to the area. This is a great time to take advantage of the many deals and incentives being offered to buyers. To read more, click here.

Article: 7 Steps To Homeownership

There's no doubt about it, owning a home is an exciting prospect. After all, like most, you've probably always dreamed of having a place that you could truly call your own and transform all those "wasted" rent payments into mortgage payments that actually give you something tangible. Although purchasing a home comes with exciting benefits, it can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when you're buying one for the first time. Fortunately, knowing what to expect can make it a lot easier. To read more, click here 

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