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Buyer's Agent Representation

A buyer's agent works exclusively with buyers to assist them with the homebuying process. Their primary duty is to have the buyer's best interests in mind throughout the entire real estate transaction process. Below are a few brief highlights and duties of what to expect when you work with our "FREE" buyer’s agents.

Home Buying Advice

90% of all buyers purchase their home using a real estate agent and there are very good reasons for this. First of all, purchasing a home is typically the largest financial expenditure most people will make in their lifetime. Secondly, it is also a complex and major transaction with many details to be handled. Also, a real estate professional is going to be intimately familiar with the home buying process which can save you money, time and most importantly, help you avoid major financial mistakes that can be life altering. For these reasons, it is a wise decision to have assistance navigating through the current real estate market and the entire home-buying process.


Whether you have purchased a home before or are a first-time homebuyer, you can benefit from our detail-orientated and knowledgeable buyer agents. We will provide you with straight-forward advice and professionally guide you through the home-buying process, as well as help you reach your goals, in addition to patiently and thoroughly answering all of your questions regarding purchasing a home.

Home Buying Assistance Programs

According to a recent study, 87% of U.S. homes are eligible for one or more homeownership programs. When most people think of homebuying assistance programs they usually think of borrowers that are income challenged, but these programs are not just for low-income buyers. They are for working people who make a decent income but don't have enough saved or they simply don't want to spend all of their savings buying a home. We research the various homebuying assistance programs to make sure our clients take advantage of the programs they qualify for. To see some of the programs currently available to Georgia buyers, click here.

Mortgage Assistance

If you have not been pre-approved for a mortgage it is a good idea to make sure you are prepared to apply for a loan prior to starting your search for homes. We assist our clients with the entire mortgage process by first making sure they are prepared to apply for a loan. We also help clients with finding the right mortgage lender or broker to ensure they will receive the best mortgage deal possible based on their credit and finances. To learn more about mortgages and how we assist our clients,

click here.

Finding The Right Property

Now that buyers can use the internet to perform their own searches many agents simply tell you to perform your own search then have you call or send them the properties you are interested in. While it’s ok for a buyer to perform their own online search, we feel that agents should still assist their clients with searching for properties. After determining what our clients are looking for and what they can afford, we perform a property search. Our property search is not limited to the MLS which is the standard search most agents perform. We also search privately listed homes not available online and FSBO homes. To search properties for sale on the MLS, click here.

Contact Listing Agents

We will contact the listing agents and obtain all of the necessary information needed regarding properties you are interested in. Calling agents about their listings is not a good idea; this is something your real estate agent should do on your behalf. Agents who list properties for sale are working for the seller and their job is to get the best possible price for their client. Once you call an agent regarding a property you have set the stage for potential future negotiations if that property ends up being the one you choose to put an offer on. Listing agents will ask questions regarding your situation that may seem standard and straightforward to most buyers. However, how you answer these questions can potentially cause problems later when it’s time to submit an offer and negotiate the terms of the contract.

Tour Of Properties

We make all of the phone calls and schedule all showings with the listing agents or owners for selected properties our client would like to view. We then accompany our clients to tour each home they would like to see. Our agents will also explain the pros and cons of the various properties and neighborhoods to help our client decide which home is right for them.

Submit Offers

We prepare all contracts and submit offers to the listing agents on properties our client is interested in purchasing. Our experienced real estate agents deal with the various contracts, stipulations, and conditions involved with submitting offers on a regular basis, and are familiar with which clauses should be used, when they can safely be removed and how to use the contract to protect you.

Pricing Expertise

There are many factors to consider when it comes to knowing what price to offer on a property and getting it accepted by the seller. Our real estate agents have the experience and knowledge to know whether a specific house is overpriced or a good deal. Our goal is to get our clients the best deal possible.

Contract Negotiation

When buying a home one of the most important tasks our agents will perform is negotiating to get the best price and terms for our clients. Every negotiation is unique to the market, the property, the buyers and agents involved. Skillful negotiating can reap substantial rewards when it comes to a major financial transaction like buying a home.

Home Inspection

Unfortunately, many buyers fail to realize the importance of the home inspection. Once an offer on a property is accepted, we recommend our clients get a professional home inspection to assess the condition of the property. We will arrange property inspections, review and advise clients on the results of the report and what action (if any) should be taken.

The Closing

Closing the transaction is the final stage in the home buying process. Before the closing takes place, it is important to make sure all of the paperwork is correct and you have a clear understanding of what you are required to bring to the closing table. Our buyer’s agents will make sure you are prepared and informed in addition to attending the closing to ensure that everything is handled properly and there are no last minute issues that can prevent the transaction from closing.


If you are ready to buy a home and want to work with a team of customer service oriented agents, simply click here. If you have any questions, click hereYou may also text us to talk now at (404) 969-5422.

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