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The Power Of Great Photos

The power of a good photograph cannot be underestimated. Photos dominate the internet nowadays. For example, our focus has shifted from social media to visual social media. We are drawn to visual content in more ways than ever before. While photos have always been popular from the time cameras were invented, the internet has made photography even more important especially when it comes to attracting attention and engaging people. Photographs of properties inspires the same type of response from homebuyers. Studies show that people love looking at photos of beautiful homes online. Some of the most popular websites and blogs solely focus on photos of properties.

Buyers have changed the way they search for homes. In the past buyers relied on real estate agents to provide MLS listings of properties for sale or searched the local newspaper and magazines. Over 90% of all buyers start their home search online. Having great photos generates immediate interest in a property versus poorly taken photos. Make no mistake about it, your photographs represent the first impression the buyer will have of your property. Given this fact, it is vital that your photographs present the best aspects of your property. Simply walking out to the curb and firing off a couple snapshots is a mistake of the highest order. Don’t do it!

At this point, you should consider using a professional photographer. They understand issues such as lighting, bordering, spacing and angles. Trust me, they are worth every penny. However, if you don’t have the funds to hire a photographer and you are going to shoot the pictures yourself, consider the following tips:

1. Lighting is critical. First, make sure there is enough light to detail what you are shooting. On the other hand, try to avoid situations where the entire picture is to bright. Strategic shadows in a corner can add definition and the impression of uniqueness.

2. If you have a view, make sure to take a picture of it. If the view can be seen from inside the home, make sure the photograph shows as much by taking it from the interior. You want the photograph to contain some evidence that the view can be seen from inside.

3. When it comes to the front of your home, don’t take a flat picture. A flat picture is when you shoot the home dead on. Stand off to one side or the other to give it some definition.

4. On interior shoots, add props to the room such as flowers. Make sure your home is clean and clutter free before taking these shots. Make sure details like drapes and so on are positioned in an attractive manner. Hide all cords. Don’t include your pets or other personal items like toys, family portraits, etc.

5. Experiment with angles. Taking pictures of your home is not a task to be done as quickly as possible. Take as many photographs as possible and then pick out the best ones. This is what professional photographers do.

Taking photographs of your property is hardly a difficult task. That being said, if you put a bit of thought and effort into it, you can make your listing stand out from the others on the market. We have taken many photographs for our clients and this is an option we offer due to the importance of including great photos when advertising your home for sale. To view our seller services, click here.

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