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Film/TV/Video/Photo Shooting Locations

Production companies and studios are constantly seeking various locations to shoot scenes for films, videos, and television shows right here in the Atlanta metro area. Magazine and independent photographers also do many photo shoots on location throughout the city. There are a wide variety of backdrops such as beautiful kitchens, living rooms, backyards, bedrooms, restaurants, lofts, and condos with downtown views, just to name a few that are sought out for shoots.


Renting out your property for films, television shows, commercials, videos, magazines, catalogs and photo shoots, etc. is a unique experience and can generate extra income for property owners. This is also a good alternative for owners trying to sell their property, which can help produce a marketing buzz and offset expenses, particularly if the property is vacant. If you own a business, filming at your location can attract media of all kinds and can be used to promote your company and attract the public to your business.


If you are interested in renting your property out before submitting your information, please keep in mind that the spirit of cooperation and everyone working together for the mutual benefit of all involved goes a long way in the production business.


To submit your home, business or property to be considered as a possible filming location, please submit your property using our submission form. Please include photos of the areas that can be used for shooting, exterior, and interior. Great photos are very important. Make sure the photos are of good quality and large enough to get a good idea of how the property looks.


If your property is approved, we will notify you. Your property is then matched to location requests we receive from producers of television shows, made for TV movies, feature films, commercials, corporate media, magazines, catalogs and still photography shoots, etc. 

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