Find Tenants For Your Rentals

Below are the tasks we perform to find tenants for your rental property.

Tenant Screening

Renting to the wrong person can become a huge problem and sometimes evolves into a negative situation. In fact, landlord and tenant disputes are among the most popular type of small claims lawsuit that must be resolved in civil court. While no one can predict or prevent every problem that may occur during a lease period, a number of these issues can be avoided and/or mitigated if certain steps are taken prior to renting the property. Finding the right tenants is an important step in the rental process. In addition to performing the routine screening procedure of employment, credit, rental history, etc., speaking to potential renters is also very helpful and can provide insight that cannot be obtained from the standard screening process.

Marketing On The MLS & Online Real Estate Websites

When you list your property with us, we will advertise it on the multiple listing service. For those who don’t know the MLS is used by all agents in Georgia to advertise properties for sale. Listing on the MLS is the most important and best exposure your property can receive. It will also be automatically listed on top real estate websites like Only properties listed on the MLS can be featured on this site. Your property will also be listed on numerous other popular online real estate sites like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, etc. These sites (and many others) syndicate MLS listings, which will expose your property to the largest online audience available. This is extremely important considering over 90% of all property searches now start online. 

Text 4 Info Marketing

We also use offline marketing strategies like our mobile marketing service, which turns a simple for rent yard sign into a powerful marketing tool. Studies show that before property searchers make contact by phone, 76% of them will drive by your property first. Every property we market is assigned a property code that will allow drive by searchers to automatically receive information on their cell phone by simply texting the property code on the sign. They will instantly get a response with a link that will direct them to a mobile website specifically for your property that will allow them to view property details, pictures, etc.  We also receive the contact information of every person who makes an inquiry about your property via text messaging, which will allow us to immediately follow up, and answer any questions potential renters have.

Inquiries & Showings

As all landlords know a part of trying to rent out your property involves dealing with numerous phone calls regarding general questions about the property, renting requirements and appointments for showings. We will handle all the phone calls from potential tenants as well as set up appointments and show the property.

Tenants Moving In

The final part of the rental process is moving the tenant into the property, which we will take care of on behalf of the landlord/owner’s instructions. We will also perform a walk-through with the new tenant and document the process on our move-in form then provide it to you.

Getting Started

If you are ready to list your property for rent and want to work with a team of customer service oriented agents, simply click hereIf you have any questions, click hereYou may also text us to talk now at (404) 969-5422.

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