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Property Location Services

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind location for your next film/photo shoot? Maybe you need to find a unique property for an event or a place to live while you are in metro Atlanta. We can help locate the right property or location to fit your needs. We use our extensive directory of resources and insider knowledge to try and find the right place to accomplish your goals.

Our Services

- On Location Shooting

We bring together those who are looking for film locations with those who have locations available for use.

-Short-Term Rentals -  

We can assist with finding short-term rentals that include homes, condos, townhouses and apartments.

-Luxury Rentals -  

We provide handpicked luxury properties for clients to select from. Metro Atlanta has an array of options when it comes to luxury rentals.

-Private Event Rental Properties -  

From Mansions for large gatherings to condos for intimate settings, we can help find unique locations for events.

Getting Started

Our property location fee is $350. If you are ready to find a location fitting your need and want to work with a team of customer service oriented agents, simply click here. If you have any questions, click here. You may also text us to talk now at (404) 969-5422.

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