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Real Estate Investments

The key to successful real estate investing is finding the right properties in the right locations at the right price. As most people may already know, the Atlanta market is very competitive and like many areas across the US, the inventory is low. In an effort to circumvent this problem, we have created a database of vacant and abandoned properties in Atlanta and various counties in the metro area. Developing vacant and abandoned property data requires a lot of time and effort to produce, however, these types of leads can often provide some of the best investment deals. It is also one of the oldest ways to find real estate investments.


After almost 15 years of working in the investment arena in metro Atlanta, we feel we know the investment market very well. Teaming up with the right agency who is familiar with the Atlanta investment market and who can think outside of the box among other things is an important factor to your success.


Because we have intimate knowledge of the investment market, we understand that you can't just rely on the MLS to find bank owned (REO) property deals. Although bank owned properties are one way to find deals, it's not the only way. Real estate investment deals are derived from a number of sources. We think vacant and abandoned properties cover an array of typical scenarios that many investors look for when locating potential deals. We use our growing database of unlisted property leads in addition to the MLS to try and find deals for our clients.


Our background in real estate investments allows us to help investors with all of their real estate needs.

If you are ready to work with a customer service oriented agency, to get started, simply click hereIf you have any questions, click hereYou may also text us to talk now at (404) 969-5422.

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