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Dekalb Homebuyer Program

The First Time Homebuyer's Program provides funds to assist homebuyers with costs associated with the purchase of a home in DeKalb County, Georgia

Program Highlights

• Borrowers can receive $5,000 to $8,000 towards the purchase of a home.

• First-time homebuyers and those who have not owned a home during the last three years are eligible.

• The program requires at least 60 days to process your information.
• Homes must be up to all DeKalb County codes at the time of purchase.
• No condos or townhomes


• Applicants must first attend a workshop with one of the HUD approved counseling agencies.
• Must buy
 a single-family detached home anywhere in DeKalb County, outside the city limits of Atlanta.
• The purchase price of the home cannot exceed $160,000.
• Buyers must contribute 1% of the total purchase price. (Ex: $160,000 x 1% = $1,600)

Credit & Payment Assistance Amounts

•Eligible applicants with credit scores of 620 or above can receive $8,000 toward their down payment and closing cost.

•Eligible applicants with credit scores of less than 620 can receive $5,000 to assist with down payment and closing cost.

•Applicants who improve their FICO credit scores to 620 or higher within a 12 month period, can receive an additional $3,000 toward down payment and closing cost. The total amount cannot exceed $8,000

Maximum Annual Income Limits

• Household of 1    - $37,150       

• Household of 2    - $42,450      

• Household of 3    - $47,750

• Household of 4    - $53,050      

• Household of 5    - $57,300      

• Household of 6    - $61,550

• Household of 7    - $65,800      

• Household of 8+  - $70,050

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If you are ready to start the process for this program, simply click here. If you have any questions, click here or text us to talk now at (404) 969-5422

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